The REAL story.. EXCLUSIVE, CHabadinfo suspected in scam

A Supporter of Shea Hecht “SheaFan” who is not a eligible voter, decided to cash in and help out Shea Hecht on his Ellection Campaign. His idea was to create NEW look for CrownHeights, almost like a trend… to have a 1000 RED Yarmukas seen through out CrownHeights for Shabbos.

He hired a Graphic Designer & a Web techy, to create the site, banking on the income from the Yarmukas to break even on all costs.

As soon as Collive and Crown posted a story about it, sales came in rapidly many of the orders multiple and 2 particular for 100 yarmukas and another for 250… But as soon as the site luanched a email comes in from a eleged “Hecht suuporter” requests him to make 2300 yarmukas 1 per home, and promises to bank the entire job as he wanted to send a FREE Yarmukah to ALL homes in CrownHEights.

After exchanging emails back and Fwd, the “supporter” builds trust in SheaFan and learns that the yarmukas are being made as orders come in and card were not going to be charged untill they were in the mail.

By request of the “supporter” No cards are charged and the order for all 2300 yarmukas would be handled by him through the place in BoroPark creating them and he would pay him the Few hundred dollars SheaFan owed his gesign and web team for the site…

Came Motzai Shabbos SheaFan not seeing ANY yarmukas emails the “supporter” who doesnt answer,  Sunday morning comes and after a quick call to the place in boropark SheaFan finds out that he WAS SCAMMED. by whom???

the “supporter” had canseled the entire order and picked up the few hundred that were already made, paid them with CASH and asked not to make anymore… now came out with a article elegging that the SheaFan has charged and scammed the public and paints a picture of the Scammer to the Hecht campl who still claims not to have any idea whos behind it.

Stay tuned as 1BIGcholent and SheaFan are now working together to uncover the person behind this SCAM, who has a email address

All we know now is that SheaFan had emailed all chabad sites on sunday with this story and shmais, collive, nor chinfo has posted about it, yet Chabadinfo posted it and changed the story around making CHABADINFO a current Suspect.


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