The Cover is Blown OPEN Chinfo & Collive owned by B Lipshits

Update: We removed all references to the site discussed below as Rumors have it the site is now a MaleP_rn site so we dont want anyone becoming G_y so please dont visit it. 1BIGcholent has screen shots of this, yet edited for post as its content is for Mature audiences only. it seems that the site is currently holding a length competition..

Update: Collive and CHI have contacted me asking me to remove this post… WE WONT

Update: Collive has contacted Shmira, and asked them for a story, to help un confirm this story.

Update: Collive is meeting with owner lipshits as i type to devise a plan to show everyone they are NOT owned nor working together.

Update: based off our bug planted in the soffer dining room, it sounds like they may remove ALL shomrim comments.

Update: Baruch Ezagui tells his old bosses to take a hike, he is fine as is he is happy and is being flown around everywere on jobs he never got offered when working for them.

We got this tip-off yesterday with heavy comments on collive all pro shomrim…

after much in-depth research we have finally found the truth…

Some history.

A number of years back CHI was the KING of chabad media, yet due to its style of writing, opinions, and being very streight fwd. many began hating CHI.

One day a group of people got together, and recreated CHI calling it a very similar name, and having its layout, and color scheme all matching… yet there’s a slight difference. This site is a Pro Shmira site and is out to compete with CHI. in the beginning, the site stunk, it was barely updated and all its information was just a streight copy of CHI, making its “viewers” loose interest. one day they started to play hard ball…

They hired Baruch Ezagui  Exclusively to take photos for them, they attacked and victimized all CHI advertisers, and offered FREE ads for 6 months, in order to stop supporting CHI.

Lipshits, till this day was not worried, he knew they could never win… except when he started loosing a few advertisers, and he saw Baruch photos going up, he knew he had to act.

He contacted and placed an offer on creating a new under the table site called Collive that will be a “english” version and they both together create a strong media team.

following this call contacted their english journalist Yudi Tzeitlen, got him in, and then they contacted the soffers, who are expert when it comes to marketing & sales.

thus Collive was created.. its goal, to create a new family style site, with a strong “fan” base. this will attract advertisers, and they will charge a HUGE amount of money.. with little return.

After having Tzirel Goldman banking the “collive” Jewish star did the site really hit it off, and now collive has built its name up, its fans, and even had a few cakes created in the bake off with Devorah Benjamen.

The reaction… the mission… accomplished.

The.. site CLOSED down, the administrators thought that with collive CHI would eventually lose its business, traffic, and be shut down, and they dont need to continue… Even baruch Ezagui started to work for Collive…

What they failed to realize that lipshits has out smarted them all. with due time…

Advertisers realize that CHI prices are much better, and they get more clicks, and with due time they all came running back to CHI and as you can see CHI can barely fit another ad.. its packed.

Even better is that fact that collive did so well in creating this homey site, now ppl feel they need to advertise on both sites. which in the end the profit all lands in lipshits pocket.

upon the release of this story administrators have already begun trying to grab back baruch ezagui who now ALSO works for CHI and get their site up and running again.

The issue is that over time soffers and tzeitlen have become a bit lax into creating this whole “separation” between the sites and started posting articles and comments more freely thinking that no one would notice…

some examples..

Colllive posted the article about the ganif in Judaica world, and only removes it when lipshits said too, which is only due to a settlement being met.

Collive posted a pic of Issaac zelimiyer, when he passed away using the words “By: B.Lipshits for Collive.”

Collive has posted comments as you can see here, that are totally out to support Shomrim..

Collive doesn’t post Shmira stories anymore..


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