Change in heart, Change in mind

This post originally went up with the following text… then it was changed… WHY

We think it had a powerful message

My Dear Fellow Residents,

I have been asked by some residents to clarify and explain what is
expected of us in the upcoming election. We start with some of the
Rebbe’s words regarding the elections and his opinion about them.

בודאי ישתתפו כולם בבחירות, ולא יעשו חשבונות שאין זה לפי כבודו… שכן חשבונות אלו
אינם מצד הקדושה אלא מהחלל השמאלי… שהרי מדובר כאן בענין הנוגע לטובת הציבור כולו

Certainly everyone will participate in these elections, and they will
not decide that is beneath their dignity… since such calculations
don’t come from holiness but from the left side… since this an
important matter for the entire community.

יש צורך להכריז שכל מי שינסה להפריע לבחירות איז א רחמנות אויף אים

It is necessary to announce that anyone who will attempt to interfere
with the elections, it is a pity on him

IY”H this Sunday there will be elections for the Vaad Hakohol
(Community Council) and Gabboim in the basement of 770. It is
incumbent upon each and everyone to exercise his right to vote as
instructed by the Rebbe.

Unfortunately Crown Heights has been subjected to terrible Machloikes
for too long a time. This is partially attributable to private
interest groups gaining control of the Vaad for their purposes. It is
high time for CHANGE.

This last Vaad came into power under very dubious conditions. They
continued to promote their agenda which has nothing to do with the
community, bringing more Machloikes and division to our neighborhood.
Their actions brought them to help indict 6 members of the community
Shomrim group, fathers of families (Mesira!). Or going after the Keren
Yisroel Aryeh Leib Gmach which hurt it and many members of the
community (another Mesira!).

This resulted in a long and costly court case that ended with these
individuals being exonerated and found totally innocent.

Simply put. We need new faces, new blood, who care about you and me
without special interest. Young people who would like to see the
betterment of both the Gashmius and the Ruchniyus in the community
where they have chosen to raise their families and build their homes.

I urge you to vote for Avrohom Benarosh and Yossi Hackner on Sunday,
these people are nice people with a collective history of helping

Gut Shabbos


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