Note the majority has voted against Achdus... takes down POLL due to 1BIGcholents pointing out that its VOTES were against them, not for them….

we as usual get screan shots of everything before they taken down and we included it as you can see…

a new post, is put up BASHING OBAMA making sure they dont get ANY help from polotitions for crown heights if they DO get elected…. Just another reason to NOT VOTE FOR THEM


below is the text fromt the article We at cholent know it too will be taken down.

Well, that is what many people wanted prior to the presidential elections a year and a half ago. When you change from a good direction, there’s is only one other direction to go in.

The incumbent members of the Vaad Hakohol were going in the right direction. No, the situation is not yet perfect, but they have only been there for a year. In that little time they have accomplished so much.

They are clearly going in THE RIGHT DIRECTION. So, what do these advocates for change really want?

Do they want to change from the progressive direction, in which we see peace and serenity in the near distance?

We’re nearly at the end of a long path to peace, harmony and brotherhood within our community. Let’s give those who began the process a chance to finish so that we may all benefit from their good work!


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