1BigCholent is Reborn

Covering the election circus…

White hats, RED yarmukah, and brown smelly.. coming out of mouths.

I cant understand why everyone is arguing over the whole psak din… Why dont we look at 1 FACT

The current Vaad went to court to try bringing jews to JAIL..They sniched, They Maasered, i dont care if  they finally listened to Rabbi Rosenberg or not.

Look at the “parev” Collive site that says here “”Can they point to one election document from that time stating that as their intended purpose,” he asked in an email to COLlive.com highlighting “The Short Comings of the Psak Din” and blasting the last 3 Vaad administrations for infighting.

Schreiber says he spoke to Rabbi Mendel Gluckowsky of Rechovot, Israel who spearheaded the efforts for a Din Torah and heard that the “process had already begun prior to the elections.”

Why is it that the current Vaad takes credit for listening to the rabonim and for its goal for peace when its all came from Glukowsky to begin with.

More to come stay tuned to your fav website 🙂


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