Why they got reinstated

once again chlent brings out the hidden spice that no one will talk about it.

the public was informed that both hecht and wilhelm are now officially running.


Bc voiding them opened 2 spots. which one was immediately filled by Yossi Stern of Crown Heights Shmira, when challenged on how he could he run a moised and run, he said “I no longer run Shmira” this created a real worry for Shomrim, who picked their own Aron Hershkop to run along side Yossi Stern, When Hershkop was challenged about his Moised he runs he said, “Like Yossi doesnt run Shmira, I dont run Shomrim”

Realizing they had a real issue, The rabonim paskened that they BETTER keep Hecht and Wilhelm in the race and avoid the whole… blablabla


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