IS COLLIVE… The most popular????????

Are they the mosy honest?

Are they the purest?

Are they the most non political?

Note the following fast… as within minutes of this post it will change… somethings you must see for yourself.

1. look at comment #68 in this post.

2. Look at the side bar that measures the “Most Commented”

Lets break this down, as i am writing this

Pic of the day only has 23 Comments

A crime to be chassidish has 88 comments

New group to promote achdus has 5 comments

Woman buy collive cake has 16 Comments

How about the timing of the post verses the timing of the comments. note how with in minutes of every post comments are submitted sometimes many of them all sounding the same just seconds apart.

The best is when the comments talk to each other, sometimes they do even in the same comment, look here… comment 1-5 especially comment 3

or what about when every part of the world posts a comment with in a few hours, as SO MANY PEOPLE WANT A COLLIVE CALENDER, anyone can explain why and how anyone would have a use for such a calender? oh forgot look at comment number 14, who is “OT” that approached collive and asked them to make a calender, OT does not need collive to make a calender and has NO benifit to them todo so.

So.. Whats with all the lying you would think by now they would have it down pat and the hype would turn into something real…

So is accurate? well if not by numbers how about percentage? ever tried asking anyone who advertises on all sites to see if they get the same percentage of click from each one???

how about pricing ever thought of asking anyone who advertises what they pay per click? shouldnt it make sence that no matter were you advertise your click through cost should be relatively the same?

Want the real answer… stay  tuned we have more.. MUCH MORE!


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