“Parade security” does nothing!

A fight broke out over if the Rebbe should be declared alive or dead. apparently having the nuetural video feed of Rebbe from LagBomer parades of the past just wasn’t good enough. the fight ended with broken arms, teeth, and even a few bocherim getting a fire extinguisher bashed over his head by the Hecht brothers. Video of this was obtained and will be shown in court for 6 weeks in attempt to prosecute the Hechts, especially the “leader” of them all SHEA.

Screen shot of the fight, notice parade security documenting the fight, Chas V Sholom in attempt side with the bocherim and give over evidence, see they only came "If assistance was needed"

Shea Hecht now faces 6 weeks of court. “Serves him right” says Berel Nachlas from tzfas, after the OpEd he wrote here, he deserves to go to court.

is it me or is



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