We are desperately trying to replace the fuse and get back up and running, but our electric energy came from a old fashion bulb fuse and being that its an antique no one really sells then near RCA.

anyone who has interest in purchasing this blog is encouraged to call, email, or text us.

Yours truly: Mendy Sruly & Shookie

ever since the days of TMZ the Hanhalah has been after us, looking searching and raiding our rooms, closits, and even had tarlow look through the basements. apparently collive and crownheights.info have been putting pressure on them to put a stop of this site. but once the legal team of TMZ sent RCA a official letter stating that the site must go down the Hanhala has not stopped searching for its source. tonight our last smallest hidden closet on the 4 th floor got taken over by the RCA maintenance department and we have deemed it as unsafe… so its at the point were our “fuse” is officially out. we all are going out of town for the summer and from then on we will go on to growing up, getting married and never looking back.

we would like to say our farewell as we begin to look for another group of bored bocherim to take us over.

a special thankx to inside man, united guy, and yechi… along with many other one time tippers for all your help and support. keep it coming…

we also would like to thank the secretaries at crownheights.info, collive, and the webmasters at other sites who have unintentionally given lots of intelligence.


stay tuned as we post our best emails, recorded voice mails, and name calling


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