Collive Bashes a Bit…

Update: Collive has since our posting renamed and edited their post.

screen shot of original post

after this BASH here, Collive does the unthinkable and bashes in a indirect way. in a email Cholent received from collive stated, “You have seen nothing yet“..

Over the past 5 years has been the Media sponsor on the Crown Heights softball league. The sponsorship gave exclusive publishing of all the games photos and updates. Collive now a team sponsor makes it difficult for to post photos and articles omitting its name (as seen here). Giving Collive good reason to post its own stories even though it will break the rules.

This leaves Mr. Soffer smiling, as he cant wait to send his super Cholent Photographers down to all the games and shoot nicer photos and write better articles… the price he paid $1300.00 much less then the $5000 pays for exclusivity.

But… you can never forget this. and who is in charge of the Crown Heights softball league… stay tuned as we keep you informed on the battle of the sites…


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